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Temporal Dark PatternsTemporal Dark Patterns

This game has 126 reported Temporal Dark Patterns. There are 123 votes indicating the absence of a dark pattern.


28 votes
9 votes
Daily Rewards -
28 / 9 votes
Encourages return visits every day and punishes you for missing a day.

27 votes
7 votes
Grinding -
27 / 7 votes
Being required to perform repetitive and tedious tasks to advance.

29 votes
8 votes
Infinite Treadmill -
29 / 8 votes
Impossible to win or complete the game.

20 votes
14 votes
Can't Pause or Save -
20 / 14 votes
The game does not allow you to stop playing whenever you want.

11 votes
25 votes
Playing by Appointment -
11 / 25 votes
Being forced to play according to the game's schedule instead of yours.

11 votes
23 votes
Wait To Play -
11 / 23 votes
In-game timers that make you arbitrarily wait for something.

37 votes
Advertisements -
0 / 37 votes
Forced to watch ads or given rewards for watching ads.

Monetary Dark PatternsMonetary Dark Patterns

This game has 180 reported Monetary Dark Patterns. There are 214 votes indicating the absence of a dark pattern.


35 votes
2 votes
Premium Currency -
35 / 2 votes
Exchange rate between real money and in-game currency disguises the real price of items.

32 votes
3 votes
Artificial Scarcity -
32 / 3 votes
Limited time offers with unnecessary urgency.

30 votes
7 votes
Pay to Win -
30 / 7 votes
A player can spend real money to purchase something that gives them an advantage in the game.

25 votes
11 votes
Anchoring Tricks -
25 / 11 votes
Placing a cheap item next to an expensive item to make it look more affordable.

16 votes
18 votes
Recurring Fee -
16 / 18 votes
Encourages players to play as much as possible to get their money's worth.

19 votes
18 votes
Gambling / Loot Boxes -
19 / 18 votes
Spending real money to play a game of chance for a reward.

10 votes
23 votes
Power Creep -
10 / 23 votes
A permanently purchased item in the game becomes less valuable over time.

8 votes
27 votes
Accidental Purchases -
8 / 27 votes
Making it easy to accidentally spend money with no confirmation or ability to undo or refund the action.

4 votes
32 votes
Pay to Skip -
4 / 32 votes
Spend money to avoid waiting for a timer to expire.

1 votes
36 votes
Waste Aversion -
1 / 36 votes
Capped inventory forces you to destroy items or upgrade inventory. Also, having small amounts of left over premium currency.

37 votes
Pay Wall -
0 / 37 votes
The game becomes impossible to continue playing without payment.

Social Dark PatternsSocial Dark Patterns

This game has 99 reported Social Dark Patterns. There are 154 votes indicating the absence of a dark pattern.


35 votes
1 votes
Competition -
35 / 1 votes
The game makes you compete against other players.

31 votes
5 votes
Fear of Missing Out -
31 / 5 votes
If you stop playing you'll miss out on something or be left behind and unable to catch up.

17 votes
19 votes
Social Obligation / Guilds -
17 / 19 votes
To avoid letting down your friends, you are obligated to play when you don't want to.

7 votes
29 votes
Social Pyramid Scheme -
7 / 29 votes
You get a bonus for inviting your friends and then they have to invite their friends.

9 votes
28 votes
Encourages Anti-Social Behavior -
9 / 28 votes
The game incentivizes players to lie, cheat, or backstab other players to get ahead.

36 votes
Friend Spam / Impersonation -
0 / 36 votes
The game sends spam to your contact list or social media account.

36 votes
Reciprocity -
0 / 36 votes
Feeling obligated to return a favor, share resources, trade an item, etc.

Psychological Dark PatternsPsychological Dark Patterns

This game has 123 reported Psychological Dark Patterns. There are 121 votes indicating the absence of a dark pattern.


27 votes
8 votes
Invested / Endowed Value -
27 / 8 votes
Having already spent time and money to improve your status in the game, it's difficult to throw it away.

27 votes
10 votes
Variable Rewards -
27 / 10 votes
Unpredictable or random rewards are more addictive than a predictable schedule.

23 votes
13 votes
Badges / Endowed Progress -
23 / 13 votes
Reluctancy to abandon a partially completed goal, even one forced upon the player.

19 votes
16 votes
Illusion of Control -
19 / 16 votes
The game cheats or hides information to make you think you're better than you actually are.

9 votes
27 votes
Complete the Collection -
9 / 27 votes
The urge to collect all the items, achievements or secrets in a game.

9 votes
24 votes
Aesthetic Manipulations -
9 / 24 votes
Trick questions or toying with emotions or our subconscious desires.

9 votes
23 votes
Optimism and Frequency Biases -
9 / 23 votes
Overestimating the frequency of something because we’ve seen it recently or memorably.

App Store Ratings

iOS:  (5.00) with 406,665 votes.
Google Play:  (4.52) with 4,847,634 votes.

Recent Dark Pattern Reviews

Illusion of Control reported on May 30, 2024
The levelling up system and bot lobbies create this, by pairing the player against people weaker than you, and allowing you to level up characters to get more powerful, even when you're not actually a more competant player.
Badges / Endowed Progress reported on May 30, 2024
There are many achievements in the game tied to characters, however a lot of them just end up being grindy and repetitive.
Infinite Treadmill reported on May 21, 2024
Content is added and it is starting to be less and less possible to max out everything as a f2p
Illusion of Control reported on May 21, 2024
when you lose too much you will be faced against bots that play terribly or when starting to play with a new brawler or playing a new gamemode
Grinding reported on May 21, 2024
competitive mode is huge grind and there are repetitive quests
Pay to Win reported on May 21, 2024
Whereas you can have a maximum power brawler as a f2p, p2w players will have wider choice of max level brawlers and possibly more customization aswell
Daily Rewards reported on May 21, 2024
Minor daily reward in shop and daily quests/daily win rewards
Wait To Play reported on May 21, 2024
you get limited resources and get more rewards later in the season
Recurring Fee reported on May 21, 2024
brawl pass can be bought every month, but it's not on a reoccurring subscription
Can't Pause or Save reported on May 21, 2024
you get punished for leaving a match before it ends in either not gaining anything if your team won anyways, to suspensions from playing ranked mode when leaving ranked matches including draft phase

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Screenshot Fast-paced multiplayer battles from the makers of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach.

Battle with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes. Unlock and upgrade dozens of Brawlers with powerful super abilities. Purchase and collect unique skins to stand out and show off in the arena. Join or start a band to share tactics and fight together.

- Gem Grab (3v3): Team up and out-strategize the opposing team. Collect and hold 10 gems to win, but get fragged and lose your gems.
- Showdown (Solo/Duo): A battle royale style fight for survival. Collect power ups for your Brawler. Grab a friend or play solo - be the last Brawler standing in the rowdiest battle royale yet. Winner take all!
- Bounty (3v3): Take out opponents to earn stars, but dont let them pick you off. The squad with the most stars wins the match!
- Heist (3v3): Protect your teams safe and try to crack open your opponents. Navigate the map to sneak, blast and blow your way clear to the enemies treasure.
- Brawl Ball (3v3): It's a whole new Brawl game! Show off your soccer/football skills and score two goals before the other team. There are no red cards here.
- Special Events: Limited time special PvE and PvP game modes.

Collect and upgrade a variety of Brawlers with punishing SUPER abilities, level them up with power points, and collect unique skins.

Climb the local and regional leaderboards to prove youre the greatest Brawler of them all!

Look out for new Brawlers, skins, maps, special events and games modes in the future.

PLEASE NOTE! Brawl Stars is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Brawl Stars.

- Team up for real-time 3v3 battles against players from across the world
- A fast-paced multiplayer battle royale mode made for mobile
- Unlock and collect new, powerful Brawlers - each with a signature attack and SUPER ability
- New events and game modes daily
- Battle solo or co-op
- Climb to the top of the leaderboards in global and local rankings
- Join or start your own Club with fellow players to share tips and battle together
- Customize Brawlers with unlockable skins
- Player-designed maps offer challenging new terrain to master

Are you having problems? Visit or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help and Support.

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