Pay to Skip

Spend money to avoid waiting for a timer to expire.

There are a number of ways that this dark pattern can be used, but they all rely on spending money to skip over something in the game that you don't want to do.

1) You may have a limited amount of "energy" or "turns" that you can use before you are no longer allowed to play the game. You then have to wait for that energy to recharge, or you can pay to instantly recharge it.

2) You may start an activity in a game (building, researching, hunting, etc) and the game starts a timer that indicates how long it will take for this activity to finish before you can collect the rewards. You have to wait, or you can pay money to skip the timer and collect the rewards right now.

3) The game show you advertisements, but will allow you to spend money to skip the ads. This is how you can trade money for your attention.

In these examples, a game designer intentionally puts an undesirable blockage into the game that prevents it from being played unless you wait or pay money. This causes the player some discomfort which can be overcome by paying money. If the player chooses to wait instead, this turns into a different dark pattern called Wait to Play.


Zombie Tsunami Zombie Tsunami
"During time-limited events, you can use Premium Currency to maintain your streak or play the next event a day earlier."

Warframe Warframe
"Although they allow you to skip using premium currency it is optional and isn't heavily required or pushed to do so."

Bloons Pop! Bloons Pop!
"Microtransactions allow you to skip the timer for if you run out of lives."

Dragon POW! Dragon POW!
"Receive more Stamina by watching 30 second ads"

Idle Angels Idle Angels
"You can typically buy energy replenishment to the weekly events. Leaving the game for more than a day or two can risk you losing the final rewards, which are generally the most useful."

Squad Busters Squad Busters
"Chest tickets"

Super Snail Super Snail
"while its not direct, you can buy speedups to finish things faster or buy premium currency to buy said speedups, this isn't THAT much of an issue since speedups aren't that sought after by players since its not that good of a value compared to other things. This being said, the game does give you MANY speedups that you shouldn't have much of an issue speeding up if you really want to unless you wanna speedup multiple things in a row."

Hill Climb Racing 2 Hill Climb Racing 2
"You can use a currency to skip chest timers, but it's easily obtainable without spending money."

Bistro Heroes Bistro Heroes
"You can buy stamina, but there is a limit to the amount."

Block Jam 3D Block Jam 3D
"You can pay money to get more lives in order to avoid either watching ads to replenish lives or waiting 25 minutes to gain a life. The lives (shown as hearts) allow you to keep playing the games."