Recurring Fee

Encourages players to play as much as possible to get their money's worth.

Some games can only be played by paying a monthly or yearly fee for access to the game. These are usually massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. Other games may have an optional monthly fee that you can pay to get a daily boost in the game. Either way, having a monthly fee encourages players to play as much as possible to get their money's worth.

The game developer hopes that by playing a lot, you'll get addicted to the game and keep paying the monthly fee. They may also make it very difficult to cancel your monthly subscription by hiding the option deep in the game's menus. It's easy to purchase the subscription but very difficult to get out. For some people, the hassle of canceling the subscription sometimes makes them wait longer before cancelling, adding extra revenue for the game developers.


Dead by Daylight Mobile Dead by Daylight Mobile
"Optional subscription that gives you ingame currency daily for a monthly fee"

Tears of Themis Tears of Themis
"Optional monthly subscription service which grants rewards daily."

Castle Cats:  Idle Hero RPG Castle Cats: Idle Hero RPG
"Subscription options for accruing gems and for accruing experience."

Infinite Lagrange Infinite Lagrange
"US$14.99 for a battle pass style daily reward timeline with a free tier and parallel paid tier"

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
"Two premium plans – one for automating repetitive actions, one for 5 free gachas and saving designs"

"premium missions wich give you some extra chrono crystals 5 dollars for the first time then 8 dollars every month"

Arknights Arknights
"There is a option to sign up for a monthly pack which is at a reasonable price for what you get."

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Cookie Run: OvenBreak
""Royal Club" gives you bonuses for a small monthly fee."

AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist
"'VIP' which comes with things like gold for logging in daily."

Granny's House: Horror escapes Granny's House: Horror escapes
"Yes if you get the detective subscription or other special subscription for monthly rewards."