Forced to watch ads or given rewards for watching ads.

Many games, especially free-to-play games, contain advertising. Instead of paying for the game with money, you pay for it with your attention. People are more willing to part with their attention than with their money, and often aren't aware of how much time they are giving to these in-game advertisements.

Advertisements by themselves are not necessarily a Dark Pattern, but they can become one if they are made too intrusive and interrupt normal gameplay too frequently. For example:

1) Ads that cannot be skipped.
2) Giving rewards for watching ads.
3) Tricking you into clicking on an ad by placing it in a place where you might accidentally click on it.
3) Disguising an ad to make it look like part of the game.

Games can sometimes treat watching an ad as a form of in-app currency to enable other dark patterns. For example, some games allow you to replenish your energy by watching an ad. This is a form of Pay to Skip where you are paying with your attention instead of money.
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Disguised Ads


Daily Themed Crossword - A Fun crossword game Daily Themed Crossword - A Fun crossword game
"Watch ads to get coins and power ups"

Dream Hopper Dream Hopper
"Yes, it isn't as bad because it's chosen advertisement but you can get wishes or gold or crystals if you watch ads and because your wish cap is 3, a lot of the time you'll have to watch ads to get more"

Water Sort Puzzle - Sort Color Water Sort Puzzle - Sort Color
"when restarting a level or if you want any bonus help for a level it is only given after watching an ad"

Real Racing 3 Real Racing 3
"Ads are consensual. They are used as a way to directly earn premium currency or skip cooldowns. The player has the option to select an ad to do these things."

Rise of Cultures Rise of Cultures
"Yeah, but at least the rewards are limited and there's no forced ads."

ExoMiner - Idle Miner Adventure ExoMiner - Idle Miner Adventure
"Gems, one of the currencies needed to upgrade are acquired mainly by watching adds They are also used for opening crates which is the only source of astronauts"

Pyramid Solitaire Pyramid Solitaire
"There are video ads periodically."

Merge Witches - Discover Magic Merge Witches - Discover Magic
"Advertisements are optional for rewards/restoring energy"

Drifto Drifto
"Advertisements only exist once the player crashes and are completely optional. Watching an ad will reward the player with double the coins they've earned. The player typically earns 5% of their score in coins once they crash - for example, scoring 700 points will only give the player 35 coins. This tempts the player into watching an advertisement since coins are given conservatively."

Get It Right! Get It Right!
"Getting rid of intrusive ads is a one-time purchase of $2.99. You can choose to watch more ads for more in-game currency for aesthetics."