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Temporal Dark PatternsTemporal Dark Patterns

This game has 8 reported Temporal Dark Patterns. There are 2 votes indicating the absence of a dark pattern.


1 votes
Playing by Appointment -
1 / 0 votes
Being forced to play according to the game's schedule instead of yours.

2 votes
Daily Rewards -
2 / 0 votes
Encourages return visits every day and punishes you for missing a day.

1 votes
Grinding -
1 / 0 votes
Being required to perform repetitive and tedious tasks to advance.

2 votes
Advertisements -
2 / 0 votes
Forced to watch ads or given rewards for watching ads.

2 votes
Wait To Play -
2 / 0 votes
In-game timers that make you arbitrarily wait for something.

2 votes
Can't Pause or Save -
0 / 2 votes
The game does not allow you to stop playing whenever you want.

Monetary Dark PatternsMonetary Dark Patterns

This game has 7 reported Monetary Dark Patterns. There are 3 votes indicating the absence of a dark pattern.


2 votes
Premium Currency -
2 / 0 votes
Exchange rate between real money and in-game currency disguises the real price of items.

1 votes
Artificial Scarcity -
1 / 0 votes
Limited time offers with unnecessary urgency.

2 votes
Pay to Skip -
2 / 0 votes
Spend money to avoid waiting for a timer to expire.

1 votes
Recurring Fee -
1 / 0 votes
Encourages players to play as much as possible to get their money's worth.

1 votes
Anchoring Tricks -
1 / 0 votes
Placing a cheap item next to an expensive item to make it look more affordable.

1 votes
Gambling / Loot Boxes -
0 / 1 votes
Spending real money to play a game of chance for a reward.

1 votes
Power Creep -
0 / 1 votes
A permanently purchased item in the game becomes less valuable over time.

1 votes
Pay Wall -
0 / 1 votes
The game becomes impossible to continue playing without payment.

Social Dark PatternsSocial Dark Patterns

This game has 3 reported Social Dark Patterns. There are 4 votes indicating the absence of a dark pattern.


2 votes
Fear of Missing Out -
2 / 0 votes
If you stop playing you'll miss out on something or be left behind and unable to catch up.

1 votes
Competition -
1 / 0 votes
The game makes you compete against other players.

1 votes
Social Obligation / Guilds -
0 / 1 votes
To avoid letting down your friends, you are obligated to play when you don't want to.

1 votes
Friend Spam / Impersonation -
0 / 1 votes
The game sends spam to your contact list or social media account.

1 votes
Reciprocity -
0 / 1 votes
Feeling obligated to return a favor, share resources, trade an item, etc.

1 votes
Encourages Anti-Social Behavior -
0 / 1 votes
The game incentivizes players to lie, cheat, or backstab other players to get ahead.

Psychological Dark PatternsPsychological Dark Patterns

This game has 4 reported Psychological Dark Patterns. There are 2 votes indicating the absence of a dark pattern.


2 votes
Invested / Endowed Value -
2 / 0 votes
Having already spent time and money to improve your status in the game, it's difficult to throw it away.

2 votes
Badges / Endowed Progress -
2 / 0 votes
Reluctancy to abandon a partially completed goal, even one forced upon the player.

1 votes
Complete the Collection -
0 / 1 votes
The urge to collect all the items, achievements or secrets in a game.

1 votes
Aesthetic Manipulations -
0 / 1 votes
Trick questions or toying with emotions or our subconscious desires.

App Store Ratings

iOS:  (4.50) with 4 votes.

Recent Dark Pattern Reviews

Daily Rewards reported on Sep 28, 2022
There are rewards for logging in daily which become increasingly more valuable as you build up a login streak. If you miss a day your streak is broken and you go back to receiving the less valuable ones.
Anchoring Tricks reported on Sep 28, 2022
Tack and clothing, which cost premium currency, can be purchased both individually and in bundles. Some bundles are advertised as limited time only.
Badges / Endowed Progress reported on Sep 28, 2022
Winning competitions awards 1-3 ribbons depending on performance. These are displayed in your horses profile.
Advertisements reported on Sep 28, 2022
Some tack items are sponsored by real brands, this is not clearly disclosed by the game. They are displayed the same way the fictional brands are.
Premium Currency reported on Sep 28, 2022
The game has a currency called Equestrian Coin or E-Coin. You can get it for free, in very small amounts, by logging in daily but the primary way of obtaining it is by paying real money.
Pay to Skip reported on Sep 28, 2022
Horses have energy that is used up when training, competing, and breeding. It regenerates over time but you can also use carrots (an in-game currency) to skip the regeneration period & immediately refill their energy. The game gives you a set amount (determined by the level of your Silo building) of free carrots each day. If you run out of them and still want to skip the regen period you can then purchase more using the paid in-game currency.
Wait To Play reported on Sep 28, 2022
Training horses in the Riding Hall makes the horse unavailable for a period of time ranging from 3 Minutes to 8 hours, this can be skipped using premium currency. Breeding horses makes the mare unavailable for her gestation period, the exact length of time is determined by the level of your breeding facility. For example my level 5 facility has a gestation period of 3 days and 14 hours.
Artificial Scarcity reported on Sep 17, 2022
The horse market resets every couple hours, meaning "if you see a horse you like, don't hesitate to buy it, it'll be gone soon!"
Fear of Missing Out reported on Sep 17, 2022
The horse market system is designed so you may check in multiple times a day.
Badges / Endowed Progress reported on Sep 17, 2022
You get an award when you complete a competition.

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Screenshot Live the horse dream! Equestrian the game is a horse riding- & management game. Ride and compete with horses of different breeds and personalities!
New features:
Compete in Season 4: Mediterranean, and win new rewards!
Customize your character with cool riding gear!

* Acquire complex horses of different breeds, temperaments, and personalities
* Create your own Equestrian character and starter horse
* Compete in show jumping and level up in tiers
* Compete with other players in the competition leaderboards
* Ride out in extensive trails where you can explore and find time trials
* Build and upgrade your farmstead and expand your capabilities
* Find and collect horses of different breeds: Arabian, Swedish Warmblood, Welsh Cob, Friesian, Thoroughbred, Norwegian Fjord - and more coming.
* Train your horses to improve their stats and set them up for success
* Feed your horses to give them energy and bonuses
* Get different tack to equip your horse with (saddles, bridles, saddle pads, polo wraps, boots)

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