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Temporal Dark PatternsTemporal Dark Patterns

This game has 4 reported Temporal Dark Patterns. There are 0 votes indicating the absense of a dark pattern.


1 votes
Daily Rewards -
1 / 0 votes
Encourages return visits every day and punishes you for missing a day.

1 votes
Grinding -
1 / 0 votes
Being required to perform repetitive and tedious tasks to advance.

1 votes
Infinite Treadmill -
1 / 0 votes
Impossible to win or complete the game.

1 votes
Wait To Play -
1 / 0 votes
In-game timers that make you arbitrarily wait for something.

Monetary Dark PatternsMonetary Dark Patterns

This game has 8 reported Monetary Dark Patterns. There are 1 votes indicating the absense of a dark pattern.


1 votes
Premium Currency -
1 / 0 votes
Exchange rate between real money and in-game currency disguises the real price of items.

1 votes
Pay to Win -
1 / 0 votes
A player can spend real money to purchase something that gives them an advantage in the game.

1 votes
Artificial Scarcity -
1 / 0 votes
Limited time offers with unnecessary urgency.

1 votes
Pay to Skip -
1 / 0 votes
Spend money to avoid waiting for a timer to expire.

1 votes
Gambling / Loot Boxes -
1 / 0 votes
Spending real money to play a game of chance for a reward.

1 votes
Power Creep -
1 / 0 votes
A permanently purchased item in the game becomes less valuable over time.

1 votes
Pay Wall -
1 / 0 votes
The game becomes impossible to continue playing without payment.

1 votes
Anchoring Tricks -
1 / 0 votes
Placing a cheap item next to an expensive item to make it look more affordable.

1 votes
Recurring Fee -
0 / 1 votes
Encourages players to play as much as possible to get their money's worth.

Social Dark PatternsSocial Dark Patterns

This game has 4 reported Social Dark Patterns. There are 1 votes indicating the absense of a dark pattern.


1 votes
Social Pyramid Scheme -
1 / 0 votes
You get a bonus for inviting your friends and then they have to invite their friends.

1 votes
Social Obligation / Guilds -
1 / 0 votes
To avoid letting down your friends, you are obligated to play when you don't want to.

1 votes
Fear of Missing Out -
1 / 0 votes
If you stop playing you'll miss out on something or be left behind and unable to catch up.

1 votes
Competition -
1 / 0 votes
The game makes you compete against other players.

1 votes
Encourages Anti-Social Behavior -
0 / 1 votes
The game incentivizes players to lie, cheat, or backstab other players to get ahead.

Psychological Dark PatternsPsychological Dark Patterns

This game has 5 reported Psychological Dark Patterns. There are 0 votes indicating the absense of a dark pattern.


1 votes
Invested / Endowed Value -
1 / 0 votes
Having already spent time and money to improve your status in the game, it's difficult to throw it away.

1 votes
Badges / Endowed Progress -
1 / 0 votes
Reluctancy to abandon a partially completed goal, even one forced upon the player.

1 votes
Complete the Collection -
1 / 0 votes
The urge to collect all the items, achievements or secrets in a game.

1 votes
Variable Rewards -
1 / 0 votes
Unpredictable or random rewards are more addictive than a predictable schedule.

1 votes
Optimism and Frequency Biases -
1 / 0 votes
Overestimating the frequency of something because we’ve seen it recently or memorably.

App Store Ratings

iOS:  (4.54) with 304 votes.
Google Play:  (4.12) with 9,726 votes.

Recent Dark Pattern Reviews

Daily Rewards reported on May 24, 2022
Has a standard daily rewards chart it goes through as well as occasional event daily rewards as well.
Grinding reported on May 24, 2022
You need to continuously grind missions to level up characters and accumulate ingredients for cooking (one time bonuses for missions) and to upgrade your characters when they reach max level.
Infinite Treadmill reported on May 24, 2022
While the story line is slowly being released, the game promotes endless playing by introducing more popular tales of characters to grind for (including different costumed variants), a social aspect in the form of guilds, and constantly improving to do better in the arena to obtain more premium currency with which to buy more costumes and upgrade characters further.
Premium Currency reported on May 24, 2022
Has a premium currency that is needed to refill your energy bar, buy lootboxes to obtain other characters, and unlock accessories to dress up your characters. In addition, you can give up characters to obtain a form of tiered currency based on the rank of the character. Only way to reliably obtain new characters though is through premium currency and limited time events.
Pay to Win reported on May 24, 2022
Spending money to use the premium currency on loot boxes can give you much better characters and more ability to upgrade them. While mostly single player, it gives you a distinct advantage in the arena where you can win extremely helpful rewards, but have to fight better cpu controlled player teams as you advance.
Social Pyramid Scheme reported on May 24, 2022
Friends can assist you in raids and guilds. Guilds can be upgraded to give you passive benefits while raids are difficult to complete alone and contain necessary components for upgrading characters.
Social Obligation / Guilds reported on May 24, 2022
Friends can also assign characters from other friends to use in missions and the stronger they are, the better. In order to obtain guild benefits, players must contribute in game gold and items. The game also tells you when your friends are in raids and asks you to help them.
Invested / Endowed Value reported on May 24, 2022
While playing with friends, it's easy to see the power level differences when looking at their characters in the guild and talking to them about how your progress is going.
Artificial Scarcity reported on May 24, 2022
Gacha game. Has limited events that make it "easier" to grind for items, premium currency, and exchange large amounts of time for exclusive characters. In addition, some characters are usable in battle while others are only used to boost characters that can be used in battle. You can earn some characters through the story, but the only way to get better characters is to use loot boxes.
Wait To Play reported on May 24, 2022
An energy bar is needed to do missions or enter raids. I believe there may be more, but it's been a while since I last played (glad for that too).

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TALES OF CRESTORIA is a brand-new Tales adventure for mobile! Step into this epic anime RPG game set in an original Tales series world, featuring a dramatic storyline and brand new characters! Experience this anime/manga adventure as Kanata and his allies fight to survive through the fantasy world of Crestoria while bearing the weight of their past sins.

TALES OF CRESTORIA blends classic turn-based JRPG gameplay with an original and unforgettable Tales story of morality. Seen as “Transgressors” by fellow citizens for committing crimes to protect each other, Kanata and Misella set off on an epic role-playing adventure to find respite from a world that wants them erased.

Battle enemy pursuers and monsters in the fantasy world of Crestoria through simple yet intense turn-based anime RPG battle action! Combine Kanata and his allies with legendary characters from previous Tales series to form the ultimate team and help you in this anime role-playing quest!

• Experience this epic new Tales anime RPG saga
• Help Kanata and his fellow Transgressors survive the world of Crestoria
• Voice acting from an All-Star Voice Cast help bring this Tales story to life

• Intuitive turn-based RPG controls
• Link epic Mystic Arts to perform massive combo attacks
• Strengthen and upgrade your characters’ skills

• Add newcomers Kanata, Misella, Vicious, and more to the list of memorable Tales characters
• Unlock character episodes through battle to learn about them outside of the main anime RPG story
• Follow characters’ Face Chat conversations that provide short & fun insights on character thoughts

• Create the ultimate Tales dream team with popular characters throughout the Tales series
• Fan favorites such as Cress, Velvet, Luke, and many more are available
• Play Side Story missions with previous Tales characters in the Crestoria world!

• Featuring anime character designs from top artists from previous Tales series
• Stunning anime 3D visuals bring the colorful fantasy world of Crestoria to life
• Smooth character animations add to the epic turn-based anime RPG action

TALES OF CRESTORIA is sure to delight longtime fans of the Tales series and anime/manga games in general. Are you ready to make the choice to do what is right? Download TALES OF CRESTORIA today!

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