Recurring Fee

Encourages players to play as much as possible to get their money's worth.

Some games can only be played by paying a monthly or yearly fee for access to the game. These are usually massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. Other games may have an optional monthly fee that you can pay to get a daily boost in the game. Either way, having a monthly fee encourages players to play as much as possible to get their money's worth.

The game developer hopes that by playing a lot, you'll get addicted to the game and keep paying the monthly fee. They may also make it very difficult to cancel your monthly subscription by hiding the option deep in the game's menus. It's easy to purchase the subscription but very difficult to get out. For some people, the hassle of canceling the subscription sometimes makes them wait longer before cancelling, adding extra revenue for the game developers.


Pokémon UNITE Pokémon UNITE
"This is a free to play game but has special rewards in the form of a battle pass and a battle pass plus. These are monthly costs that give players things that other players won't ever have access to without paying."

SimCity BuildIt SimCity BuildIt
"Premium event passes"

Game of Thrones: Conquest™ Game of Thrones: Conquest™
"Monthly items releases means players will always want the newer, more powerful items. Easier to achieve by buying them (the materials to craft them with)"

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile Pokémon Shuffle Mobile
"Buying a certain amount of premium currency comes with daily bonus non-premium currency and extra storage capacity for "hearts" that allow gameplay."

Space Leaper: COCOON Space Leaper: COCOON
"no subscription, but offers monthy deals for extra items"

Equestrian the Game Equestrian the Game
"You can buy a competition pass to earn premium rewards in the competitions."

Growtopia Growtopia
"supporters / super supporters pays reccurringly to have their username bigger and shinier than others"

Clash Royale Clash Royale
"Pass Royale is an optional monthly payment that gives huge rewards."

Rush Royale - Tower Defense TD Rush Royale - Tower Defense TD
"technically? they're not a subscription thing but every month there is a thing that gives you rewards for getting points, and if you buy the "seasons pass" you get significantly better rewards. There are also more than one of these running at a time."

Rhythm Hive Rhythm Hive
"There is an optional monthly fee and the benefits of it are displayed in the same place you find free benefits."